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Strategy & Analysis

Aligning marketing effort with organisational goals

Strategy and planning have never been so important.

Marketing is about the science of engagement and persuasion to support organisational goals. The ads, brochures, websites and assorted campaigns usually associated with marketing can only be effective if they are structured so they help deliver your goals. Twig Marketing founder Tim Winkler has worked on a huge range of marketing projects in Australia and across Asia over the past decade.

We work with you to understand the actions and motivations of your audiences. How they hear about you, what makes them care about you, why they will keep listening to you and finally, what will convince them to buy your product or idea. We will recommend research, where required – and frequently can offer to do the research for a fee far lower than most. Finally, we’ll develop an action-oriented strategy that is based clearly on available evidence and suggests a practical marketing plan to achieve your goals, working within your budget and time constraints.

We can review marketing team effectiveness and efficiency, new trends in markets and your customer service experience. We can analyse ways to make your business take off. But we always start with a no-obligation chat about what you need, so we can be confident our work is going to deliver the right results.


SKILLS: Planning, strategy, business development, market analysis, operational review


  • Whole of University marketing review
  • Faculty Marketing review
  • Divisional review of effectiveness and efficiency
  • Property strategy review with two organisations
  • Marketing strategy and operational plans for two universities
  • Business development projects for universities and government
  • Partnership negotiation for higher education institutions
  • Marketing strategy development for government business unit
  • Fundraising strategy and materials for higher education provider
  • Re-brand and marketing strategy for agricultural and health SMEs in regional Victoria
  • Re-brand and marketing strategy for VET provider
  • Marketing strategy for not-for-profit
  • Fundraising strategies for not-for-profits

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    Aligning marketing effort with organisational goals
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