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Regional Australia

Fresh marketing ideas for regional Australia

Why settle for second or third best just because you’re beyond the city?

It’s time regional Australian organisations had access to the same range and quality of marketing services as those within the metropolitan area.

This is why Twig Marketing operates in Hobart, Tasmania, and Shepparton, at the heart of the Goulburn Valley in Victoria.

Twig is fortunate to have a presence in Tasmania, an area with so much potential and its own unique, fascinating challenges.

Our new Shepparton HQ is designed to fill a need in regional areas; affordable and accessible high quality marketing services. Twig isn’t like some companies that expect their customers to bend over backwards to fit in with them – we understand your time is valuable and we will work with you to achieve your goals.

Our staff have grown up in country Victoria and Hobart, working with firms in the horticulture, wine and health industries, not-for-profit organisations, governments, and also a range of regional education providers.

We’ve seen a strong unmet need for quality marketing and communications services in rural and regional areas and are seeking to build our marketing activities, to help regional organisations unlock some of their enormous potential.

Twig currently works with businesses in the agriculture, education, food and health sectors in regional Australia and is working to develop new ways to give better services to people working beyond the metropolitan fringe.

Communications channels are different in the country – local papers are more important, demographics are different – but the basic needs of organisations and audiences are the same. Concise, relevant information dressed up to be engaging – that’s what people want. Budgets and deadlines are tight, and organisations large and small need strategic marketing plans which integrate campaigns across a range of mediums in order to try to achieve a clear return on investment.

Twig offers new approaches to marketing – with opportunities to deliver low-cost marketing campaigns, feeding engaging content into new internet tools – enabling rural and regional businesses to make an impact without breaking the bank.

Twig Services

Twig offers a full range of marketing and communication strategies including:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Market research
  • Brand building
  • Sales channel strategies
  • Web development
  • Social media campaigns
  • Brochure writing and production
  • Public relations and media

Free seminars – no strings attached. Whatsoever.

After working with a range of clients in regional Australia, we have decided to develop a free marketing toolkit for regional Australia, delivered in seminars and webinars to organisations across the country. There are no catches – simply a free marketing seminar aimed at helping rural and regional businesses and community organisations work out where to start with their marketing plan. Contact Tim Winkler at Twig for more information or to sign up.


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  • Content that counts
    High impact requires talent paired with strategy
    Strategy & Analysis
    Aligning marketing effort with organisational goals
    Brand strategy
    Great brands provide a window to an even better future
    Market research
    Results start with the right questions
  • Digital
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    Media & PR
    Technology has elevated the importance of great storytelling
    Higher Education
    A specialist higher education marketing consultancy
    Regional Australia
    Fresh marketing ideas for regional Australia
  • Where to start?
    Daunted? Free webinars help you begin
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