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Technology has elevated the importance of great storytelling

Highly experienced media managers who have forged a career in marketing are hard to find.

Tim Winkler has worked as a marketer and communicator for 20 years, including eight years as a journalist. He has won a range of awards for the vast range of materials he has written during that time, including:

  • 1600+ articles in major metro newspapers
  • 700 + press releases
  • Hundreds of opinion pieces, commentary, analysis

Tim has served as a government Media Adviser, handling media for four portfolios and two cabinet ministers simultaneously. He has also served as a spokesman and public relations adviser for universities, VET providers, not-for-profit organisations and SME’s over the past decade.

21st Century Media Management

Newspapers are no longer common enough to be used as wrapping in fish and chip shops and many people around the globe are increasing their devotion to the online world at the expense of radio and TV.

Public relations strategy is still a powerful business engagement tool – but traditional strategies need to be paired with social media plans, digital campaigns and training for frontline staff. Twig Marketing takes a strategic, pragmatic approach to public relations that is unusually effective because of our combination of marketing strategy and finely-honed story-spotting skills. Don’t pay for overheads and brainstorming – senior media relations professionals should be skilled enough to identify, write and deliver a media release into the arms of a waiting journalist and Twitter audience before lunch most days without raising a sweat.

Media Training

Tim has developed a media and presentation training program, and has trained more than 600 people over the past 10 years, in skills ranging from interview technique to audience engagement, message delivery and crisis management.

Reputation Management

Organisations must always tell the truth in their dealings with the media – but which facts are reported and the context they are couched in can make an enormous impact on brand and reputation.

Tim has years of experience in reputation management and strategic preparation for crisis management.




SKILLS: Public relations, media training, writing, reputation management


  • Media releases researched and written for universities, VET providers, not-for-profit organisations and SME’s
  • Development of annual public relations strategies for universities, VET providers, not-for-profit organisations and SME’s
  • Media training for executives in the construction industry, universities, not-for-profits and SME’s
  • Crisis management training and preparation for not-for-profits, universities
  • Reviews of public relations team operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Reviews of measurement of media impact
  • Development of channel integration and channel management strategies for universities, VET providers, SME’s
  • Twig Marketing research into media consumption patterns amongst undergraduates and parents
  • Focus groups on media consumption patterns for universities, government agencies


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    Technology has elevated the importance of great storytelling
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