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Well over 10,000 messages a day are be seen – and largely ignored – by the average person. If you want to engage with a 21st century audience, you have to embrace the technological revolution that is underway.

Mobile connections outnumber people in more than 100 countries – including Australia.

Technological change is so vast that whole sectors – universities, the media, retailing – are being constantly re-envisioned.

How do you cope? Do you need Facebook and Twitter? Is it bad to still print brochures? Should you be spending your time producing eNewsletters instead of direct mail promotions?

Despite the me-too urge to embrace everything electronic, the answers to these and a dozen other technology questions will vary depending on you, your customers and the environment that links you and them.

At Twig Marketing, we love technology – not because it offers a marketing solution but because it presents a host of opportunities that few people imagined five years ago.

Organisations can no longer bung out some press releases and wait for their profile to rise through traditional media. People are dipping into a wider range of content, more often, and a best of it is often snack-size – brief, bereft of detail, but pithy.

Hundreds of firms can offer you digital marketing, but far fewer offer reasonably-priced digital strategy and fresh content that really sings.

Digital need not be difficult or expensive for many organisations – but it absolutely cannot be ignored. Contact Tim Winkler to start the conversation.


SKILLS: Global technology insights, practical digital applications, evidence-based digital strategy, digital measurement and evaluation, digital campaign development, integration of digital with print


  • Development of strategy, scope content and oversight of production of apps with design and programming colleagues
  • Analysis of digital integration, social media strategy and web development for universities and VET provider
  • Regular speaker and commentator on technology issues at various conferences and in a range of media, including The Australian
  • Content for university, VET providers, government, not-for-profits and SME websites
  • Development of unique travel website targeting family travel market
  • Development of eNewsletter for Vet provider, not-for-profit and SME’s
  • Development of social media strategy and campaigns for education providers, not-for-profit, SME’s
  • Oversight of large-scale university web projects, including navigation, user-testing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), branding implementation, campaign site optimisation
  • Overhaul of Faculty website and digital integration, including redevelopment of navigation, content and SEO

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    Click now! Your tech revolution starts here
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