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Content that counts

High impact requires talent paired with strategy

It’s a bright Winter morning. Mid 90’s. Small town, a bit like a movie set, with overgrown paddocks lying dormant a block behind the main drag.

Two well-preserved ladies are laying sponge cakes out on a card table along the main street. We double back. Chat, take some pictures. Street stalls were the financial lifeblood of community organisations for a generation, but they were disappearing.

In my last three years as a reporter at The Age I covered Rural and Environment stories and I’ve often thought of those two ladies. With an angle on social change and a good picture, three sponge cakes on a card table turned into a page 3 story read by hundreds of thousands of people – and an observation of social change.

It’s not strong enough to say that I love to write. I have a compulsion to create, which is driven by my desire to see change occur as a result of my writing. I want sales to increase when I write copy for SME’s, I want enrolments to rise when I edit copy and redevelop brochures and websites for universities, and I want perception to change when I write for other organisations. It’s not enough to fill the world with great content – it needs impact that will bite a chunk out of your annual targets, so there is less work for everyone else to do afterwards.

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– Tim Winkler, Director, Twig Marketing

Great content can change minds and change lives.

Whether you need a brochure, a web page, a media release, a book, a few words for a fridge magnet or anything in between, Twig Marketing can produce great results, always to budget and always on deadline.

Twig Marketing Director Tim Winkler has written more than 1600 stories for major metropolitan newspapers in Australia and the UK, hundreds of press releases, hundreds of brochures, acres of web copy (well, we’ve never measured the pages side-by-side to prove the exact dimensions, but certainly an awful lot of web copy) and one award-winning book. He has trained as a journalist and sub-editor and has won a range of awards for his work.

Tim has also created dozens of videos for universities, government and SMEs and has had photographs published in a range of media.


What we offer

Award-winning writers craft content to cover your needs in web development, e-campaigns, brochures, presentations and other collateral. Strategic planning means every piece of our content is tailored to support your goals.

After 20 years as a marketer and communicator, Tim Winkler has developed an extensive network of senior, multi-award winnning wordsmiths, designers, photographers and videographers with the skills to match any need. We don’t keep them on staff, so that you don’t have to pay overheads – but we have never failed to be able to find a creative star to fit the needs of organisations that ask.

Contact Tim Winkler to find out more.

SKILLS: Strategy, analysis and review of content and audience, strategy for communication delivery channels, writing, editing, photography, video production


  • Profile brochures for four universities, two VET providers, government departments, not-for-profits and SME’s in regional Australia
  • Ghost-written blogs, emails, articles and opinion pieces for a wide range of organisations
  • Web content for universities, VET providers, travel companies, SMEs, government departments
  • Brochures and articles for government, university, VET providers and SME’s
  • Advertising and integrated marketing campaigns for wide variety of clients, particularly in the higher education sector
  • Frequent columns on higher education issues for The Australian
  • Fundraising brochures
  • Videos for universities, government, not-for-profit
  • Photographs for government, SME’s
  • Annual reports for VET providers, SME’s
  • Media articles, media releases for a wide range of organisations
  • Award-winning book for university

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    High impact requires talent paired with strategy
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