Frequently Asked Questions about Twig Marketing

Where do I start?

Start by calling or emailing us. We love to talk to new people and offer free marketing introduction webinars to get you started on your own if you wish. There are lots of great free tools available to get you started, but developing gripping, fresh content that people won't immediately consign to the trash folder requires a reasonable level of content development skill. The best bet is to simply give us a call and tell us what you would like to achieve, and then we can give you some advice on what to do from there. We guarantee that a simple chat is totally 100% obligation and cost-free (as long as you don't talk for more than 15.5 minutes, then we'll have to cut you off).

Will you work with us on site?

Twig Marketing Director Tim Winkler can lead marketing projects on site or deliver projects from our offices in Melbourne - the choice is yours. We are very flexible in the way we work and while our preference is to get out of the office and into yours, we find clients often prefer to realise cost savings by keeping us chained to the desk back at Twig HQ.

How much do you charge?

Initial conversations about your marketing needs are free. If you are potentially interested in finding out what Twig can do for you, we will provide you with an itemised quote before we start work. We will never start work until you have seen and approved the quote in writing. Terms are usually 25% up front, 25% on delivery of draft work and 50% on completion, but can be negotiated to suit your needs. We price each project according to outcomes required. It may cost as little as $350 + GST for a media release and from $2000 for a full-blown marketing campaign strategy and action plan; however we must emphasise that these are just a guide to costs when working with smaller, less complex organisations. We typically can provide an itemised quote within 24 hours of contact with you.  

I don’t really understand how we could use you at our university

People in the higher education sector often see Twig Marketing as an extra set of hands - capable of taking on short term projects, delivering quick turn-around market research, editing documents or conducting full-blown operational reviews. Tim Winkler has worked in senior roles in the higher education sector for more than a decade, including almost five years as Director of Marketing at Monash University, so he is able to apply his knowledge of the sector to a diversity of projects. Tim has filled contracted services to fill positions for staff on leave, deliver specialist expertise which institutions cannot source in-house, and / or cover projects which simply cannot be resourced internally.

What do you know about the country?

Twig has delivered a range of marketing projects in rural and regional Australia. Twig Director Tim Winkler grew up in regional Australia and maintains close ties with the bush. Tim covered rural and environment stories for The Age for three years (1996-98) and has conducted unique research into young Australian's perspectives on agriculture.

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