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When you strip away the buzzwords, the technofads, the budgets, the acronyms and the strategies, the essence of marketing remains unchanged – enabling organisations to communicate with people.

At Twig Marketing, we are equipped to deliver that communication for you through a whole range of channels – mobile apps, publications, media and PR or web; but we always start with strategy. A strategy crafted for you, clarifying your goals and spelling out how our work will help achieve them. There is no prescribed solution to reach any given audience (if there was the world would be free of marketers). The last thing you want is a perfected brochure when your audience is online – or an elegant but undifferentiated e-marketing campaign when your competitors are all doing the same.

At Twig, we are genuinely committed to marketing that matters – we want to know that the work we do with you has improved sales, or increased awareness or improved someone’s life one way or another.

Our services include:

  • Strategy development;
  • Structural reviews;
  • Web strategy and content development;
  • App development;
  • Media and public relations management;
  • Media training;
  • E-magazine production;
  • Brochure development;
  • film production;
  • photography.


Our Process

Great marketing starts with listening.

Listening to you, and what goals you want to achieve. Listening to your audiences; to what messages stick with them and what they like to read or view.

Then we research. Competition for the attention of your audience may come from companies, governments, teachers, events – we need to chart the barriers if you are not aware of them already so your effort doesn’t fall over at the first hurdle.

Research leads to a plan, and once you are happy with the plan we deliver.

Unlike many companies, we don’t want to stop once we have delivered. We will have invested as much care and attention in delivering your marketing solutions as you would (if you had the time). We will offer to measure and review the outcomes as part of the contract, so you can be confident about the future.

To understand you, we need to also understand the audiences you want to reach and the goals you want to achieve. Our process isn’t patented, or driven by an acronym – it’s based on past success and the steps required to deliver you a great result.

Like our process? We do – particularly because we can see the great results it has delivered after refining it in recent years.

For more information about how we work, contact Twig Marketing Director Tim Winkler.

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